What We Do


Population   Health   &   Gaps-in-Care   Outreach

Relatient PRM™ (Patient Relationship Manager™) uses custom, provider-specific criteria sets, chosen in the Relatient cloud to create a protocol of automatic health outreach events which will contact patients at your designed intervals, using their preferred methods.  This will enable a personalized outreach effort that is both consistent and effortless.  Use the power of text messaging, email, automated voice, and social media to promote a compliant and healthy patient population.  Relatient Population Health  and Gaps In Care outreach works with virtually any electronic health record (EHR) system on the market.

Appointment   Reminders

Today, reminding patients of their appointments is not as simple as a “house call” to a primary number.  Placing voice, email, and text message reminders with the right timing, frequency, media, and message can dramatically improve your efficiency as an organization.  No-show and recall list outreach can also be opportunities for added revenue, if handled properly.  Apply our best-practice solutions along with your unique message today, and get real results!  Works with any practice management system available today.

Collections   Notifications

MDPay®  focuses on the forgetful & distracted patient accounts by deploying timely, automated reminders which can take away extra cost and burden of manual follow-up.  Using MDPay™ insures that every possible dollar is collected before an account is written off, or forwarded to an unfriendly and expensive collections agency.  Deploying automated collections reminders while giving your account holders the opportunity to settle balances immediately will give your organization new financial advantages.

Mass     &     On – Demand   Messaging

Send instant notifications to patients on your schedule to alert them of staff delays, office closures, or any other unplanned event.  Then occasionally, you may have a marketing message that needs to be heard across your entire patient population, or by a filtered sub-section.   In seconds, RelatientODM™ can notify your patient population with any message you desire.  On-Demand Messaging™ is included free of charge with any of our automated reminder packages, and is unlimited.  You never pay more per message with Relatient!

Patient   Satisfaction   Surveys

Satisfaction surveys are not only healthy for your business, but they are becoming mandatory in order to participate with certain healthcare plans.  Relatient simplifies the process and makes Patient Satisfaction Survey results available anytime via our robust online trending dashboard.


  • Completely web-based  -  No software to install
  • Facilitates Accountable Care & PCMH Communication
  • Boosts productivity and lowers costs
  • Automates communication
  • Works with any EHR/PM database
  • Provides custom phone, e-mail, text and mobile app messages
  • Logs all communication attempts to your patients
  • Robust reporting and data analysis capabilities
  • Friendly, personal, and security-compliant messages
  • Multi-language capability