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Improve Compliance

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Drive Revenue

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Reduce Risk

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Lower Costs

The only complete, web-based Patient Relationship & Engagement Engine of its kind

Drive physician revenue, increase compliance and reduce costs with RELATIENT.  Replace outdated communication methods with fully automated and integrated strategies provided by RELATIENT.

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ealize the benefits of improvement patient compliance!  The Relatient®  platform meets the challenge of enhanced patient engagement by automating communication that is necessary to create a healthier patient population.  Lower costs, drive revenue, and improve efficiency with a fully-automated Patient Relationship Management outreach engine.

What can RELATIENT do?

Close Gaps In Care
Drive Revenue
Improve Patient Satisfaction
Reduce Risks
Increase Efficiency
Providers Choose RELATIENT

Relatient® serves over 7,500 healthcare Providers in 38 states allowing them to improve Patient Engagement by automating important communication to patients in all areas of need.  Our customers decide how, when, and at what interval messages are delivered to their patients creating a more compliant, engaged and healthier patient population.